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We support free software
and promote its social benefits

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What makes free software a good choice
for businesses and individuals?


We believe that software developed by thousands of programmers is better than the one created by a closed group. Countless people who support free software, work on continuous improvements.
At each stage of development, it is easier to facilitate the detection of bugs and security issues,
which affects the quality of the final product.

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What makes free software a good choice
for businesses and individuals?


The most important factor affecting the security of Open Source systems is the number of people involved in the projects. There is no doubt that the large community find errors more efficiently than closed and limited group of developers. In addition, fixes and patches in the open software are spreading to the users quicker and more efficient.

What makes free software a good choice
for businesses and individuals?


Using proprietary software, such as Microsoft Windows and Office, companies and users must follow the trend set by the creator, which means continuous updates and the necessity of having more and more powerful hardware. The idea of free software is to be available to anyone. This is expressed in the freedom of decision of when and how we want to update our software and hardware.

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What makes free software a good choice
for businesses and individuals?


Usually the cost of buying the software license is not the end of expenses. Companies must expect cost of anti-virus protection, fees for ongoing support, updating and adapting infrastructure. Free and open source software offers much better value for money.

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What makes free software a good choice
for businesses and individuals?


When companies start to use free software, they free themselves from the severe vendor lock-in that can afflict users of proprietary packages. They are free to decide what they want to do with their software and can seek support among communities around the world. In contrast to the closed software users who are dependent on the vendor's vision, requirements, dictates, prices, priorities and timetable, and that limits what they can do with the products they're paying for.

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Mobile World Congress

Paluka Foundation presents Polish open source CMS MOKIO in Barcelona

We are pleased to announce that on March 2-5 we will turn up at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. You can meet us at our booth, where the Polish Open Source CMS MOKIO will be presented.

We hope to meet many interesting people from all over the world. We will present new functionalities of MOKIO and show the possibilities available in this Open Source CMS.

First projects based on Mokio Open Source CMS gone live


We are proud to announce that first projects based on CMS Mokio came to light. Experience with these deployments was valuable material for the development of the system. Thanks to them, some mechanisms have been redesigned and additional functionality have been created - all this to facilitate future deployments.

According to the idea of Ruby on Rails - programming has to be pleasant and efficient. Likewise Mokio – you can create new skins and modules easily and stress free.

Soon at the you will see the detailed documentation describing the rules for creating skins and modules.

Mokio open source cms awarded in the it leaders contest

Nagroda dla MOKIO

During the ceremony inaugurating the first trade fair for IT FUTURE EXPO 2014 on June 10, took place the final contest of IT Leaders in 2014. Companies and their projects were competing in 14 different categories representing the IT industry. Our system Mokio - an innovative CMS Open Source has been recognized in the category of IT INNOVATIVE STARTUP.

The contest IT leaders gathered around itself a number of Polish and international companies. Among them well known brands to the industry: Samsung, HP, SARE czy Max Com. MOKIO CMS has been recognized for its innovation and technology, winning the award in the category of IT INNOVATIVE STARTUP.

Mokio CMS team was celebrating victory even before premiere of the system, which took place June 11 at the fair IT Future Expo 2014. About the winning projects decided leading figures in the Polish IT market.

Foundation Paluka was established in 2014, with the aim to initiate and support projects and initiatives related to free software. One of the overarching objectives is also to promote the social benefits of Open Source, its stimulative and innovative roles. Establishment of the foundation coincided with the first release of MOKIO - the first Polish Open Source CMS, developed in Ruby on Rails technology. Mokio was created by a group of companies operating in the IT and marketing communication. Paluka took patronage over the project and is looking to another interesting initiatives in Poland. In view of the fact that the Polish IT industry sees no full benefits of engaging in open source projects, the mission of the Foundation is to stimulate engagement and global promotion of projects that were initiated in Poland.

what does the paluka?

  • development
    support and promote sustainable development of free software
  • community
    build community actively gathered around idea of free software
  • initiative
    promote ideas and projects related to the free software development
  • promotion
    promote use of free software by the business, institutions and individuals

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The Paluka Foundation was established in the same time as Mokio - the first Polish Open Source CMS created in Ruby on Rails. Paluka took patronage over the project and is looking for other interesting projects and initiatives in line with our statutory objectives.

If you are the initiator or heard about an interesting Open Source project emerging in Poland, looking for support for your activities, please contact us and we will find opportunities for cooperation. We will be able to assist in the development and promotion of the project.

Here are the benefits for projects under our wings:

  • international promotion
  • advice on legal and licensing
  • support in community building
  • cooperation in raising funds


Agencja Interaktywna Bloomnet

BloomNet is an interactive agency, which team is co-founder of Mokio Open Source CMS.

As the first Interactive Agency has created websites and commercial projects on the basis of Mokio CMS, while giving a huge contribution to the development of the system during the first implementations.


Company specializing in the creation and implementation of business systems. For years, leading the effective implementation of Open Source systems as well as authoring systems to improve business processes in dedicated industries.

Versoft team achievements are numerous modifications of existing Open Source systems, and developed modules to Mokio CMS.


A company that provides business software to support the management and communication within any business.

Velis has several systems in the family called Singu and also offers dedicated solutions and integration.